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I recently had the pleasure of witnessing the union of some dear friends. Whilst sitting there waiting for the beautiful bride to appear, I had a look around and realised that nearly everyone had their phones/cameras/selfie stick ready to capture the moment the bride entered the room. Suddenly it dawned on me, this is what our modern desire resembles, the urge to photograph and share every step of our day with the world. Which made me wonder about this new trend by the name of ‘Unplugged Weddings’.

What is an unplugged wedding I hear you ask? Well it is exactly as the name suggest, asking your guests (or those permanently plugged) to put their phones/cameras/selfie rods/digital media away and become unplugged from the digital world usually during your wedding ceremony.

It will help to prevent photos like this one:
(Photo by edstar_osei)

Yes, that’s me looking not so unplugged. I was probably trying to take a picture of the photographer (no I really wasn’t).

Over the past year I have met numerous photographers who have said the same thing about guest inadvertently (or sometimes deliberately) ruining images by having their phone (as you can see above) in their hands.

What is the benefit of an unplugged wedding?

I think one of the biggest benefit of an unplugged wedding is that you and your guests are fully present or engaged and completely in the moment. You don’t want to look back at your wedding photo album and see many of your guests eyeballs glued to their iPhone screen (like me above). Also, you’ve hired a pro so why not let them do their job and not have to fight with your well-meaning guests who may also be trying to capture your first kiss.

Now I’m not saying being plugged is a bad thing and it was whilst I awaited my professional pictures from my own wedding that I realised how special it was to see my day unfold from my guest perspective.

However, if you do decide to disconnect, we have some signs you can hire to help you get that message across to your guests.